Mining for a better future

Through its business development model, Anax continues to review projects to determine their suitability for smart sorting.

  • Well defined strategy to acquire project/s
  • New team with significant experience in smart technology
  • Targeting opportunities that will be highly leveraged by sorting technology
  • Advanced projects preferred with defined resources and established project metrics
  • Targeting low risk jurisdictions
  • Precious and base metals preferred commodity space

Smart Technology - Sorting

  • Sorting is a simple pre-concentration process that facilitates "upgrading" of ore, mineralised waste aggregate, etc.
  • Commercial sorting applications (diamonds, uranium, tungsten) in mining for more than 25 years
  • Significant improvements in sorting technology (sensors and data processing speed) broaden the potential
  • Sorting will have a profound impact on the minerals and aggregate businesses in years to come
  • There is considerable untapped potential to extract value from currently non viable resources, stockpiles and waste dumps using this proven technology

Video courtesy of TOMRA.