Loudens Patch Project

Anax has been granted the Loudens Patch tenement in the Pilbara which has had limited previous exploration despite sharing similar geology with some well mineralised neighbours. For example, a volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) JORC Resource has been defined at Evelyn, 21km due south of Loudens Patch, occupying the same geological units and regional structural controls.

The Loudens Fault separates Loudens Patch from the Whim Creek tenure, held under JV with Develop Global Limited, where multiple Copper-Zinc-Lead VMS deposits have been historically mined and JORC Resources defined. However, most neighbouring tenure is targeting gold mineralisation and the lack of available ground in the area attests to its prospectivity.


Loudens Patch occupies a triangular, fault-bound sub-basin of Mallina Formation fine grained Archean metasediments underlain by sandstones and conglomerates of the Constantine Fm. The bounding faults – Loudens Fault to the north east and Mallina Shear to the South – are both mineralised structures dotted with historical gold workings, including Loudens Patch, after which the tenement is named. The sub-basin units are steeply folded to overturned along a north-east trend and are an ideal trap site for structurally controlled mineralisation such as gold and VMS deposits. The underlying Constantine Formation conglomerates outcrop along the Mallina shear and are known to be gold mineralised.


Loudens Patch Location Map

Geological interpretation of detailed Landgate aerial photography has highlighted colour anomalies that suggest alteration and has defined numerous cross-cutting structures (north-east, north-west and east-west trending) that present suitable conduits to mineralisation. These require further investigation as follows.


Loudens Patch Landgate Aerial Imagery Interpretation and Proposed Stream Sediment Sampling

Loudens Patch Planned Field Work

Historical geochemical sampling has been limited. Anax will conduct stream sampling and/or gridded soil sampling to target identified mineralisation traps. This work along with proposed geophysical surveys will be conducted in parallel with planned Whim Creek gold exploration.