Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and communities is our absolute priority. We often work in tough environments away from the people that we value the most. We will seek ways to create a safe environment through practical thinking, innovative engineering and technical design.

Our leaders will walk the walk and set the standard which will be applied across all of our sites to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of each day.

We will look after one another by providing help and support to show we care for our workmates as we would our own family. Our culture will define who we are as a business and as individuals.

Mons Cupri Pit

Environmental Responsibility

Our business is closely connected to the environment and it’s important to Anax that we support its ongoing sustainability for the future generations to come.

We are accountable for our actions and we will work to the best of our ability to invest in a sustainable future.

We recognise that we have a vital role to play in minimising the impacts on the environment and we actively look for opportunities to collectively overcome the challenges we face, by engaging with the community, government and other stakeholders to find solutions that will benefit all.


We aim to leave a lasting legacy which demonstrates our integrity and commitment to protecting the planet by applying a sustainable mindset.

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Sustainability through innovation

Anax is actively pursuing a low carbon development strategy for Whim Creek by incorporating ore-sorting and bioleaching as key aspects of its mining operations.

Ore-sorting delivers significant environmental benefits

  • Sorting is a simple pre-concentration process that facilitates "upgrading" of ore, mineralised waste aggregate, etc.
  • Commercial sorting applications have been used successfully in mining (diamonds, uranium, tungsten) for more than 25 years
  • Significant improvements in sorting technology (sensors and data processing speed) broaden the potential
  • There is considerable untapped potential to extract value from currently non-viable resources, stockpiles and waste dumps using this proven technology

Ore sorting generates 3 discrete products:

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Participation in Research and Development

Anax’s participation in R&D initiatives enables it to lead its peers in innovation and apply innovative technology selectively to its projects.

  • Anax has joined the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC), with other members including BHP, IGO, Lynas Corporation and Lithium Australia. Anax is participating in the FBICRC’s Process Legacy Project, applying technical innovation to repurposing heap leach material from Whim Creek Copper-Zinc Project.
  • Anax has joined the International Copper Association of Australia (ICAA), which is linked to like-minded groups worldwide and provides members with a global knowledge base and insights into the future of copper supply and demand. Anax took part in the compilation of the recently published ICAA Minerals Processing Report, investigating potential for innovation and efficiency in all aspects of minerals processing and Anax intends to participate in further ICAA projects going forward.

Social Investment and Community

Anax has various stakeholders from indigenous groups and pastoralists to government agencies. We consider that investment in proactive stakeholder engagement with all stakeholders is key to our long-term success.

Anax strives to provide benefit to the local and regional areas in which it operates through employment, utilisation of local contractors and suppliers, and support of community projects.

We will communicate transparently with the local people and together we can find solutions and opportunities to further develop their community and make a valuable contribution to their future.

Cultural Heritage

The Whim Creek and Loudens Patch projects are both located on Ngarluma Country. The Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) is the registered Native Title Body Corporate for Native Title over Ngarluma Land.

Anax maintains an open dialogue with representatives from NAC with the intention of developing a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship with improved social and economic outcomes for both parties.


Refurbishing the Whim Creek Hotel

Anax continues to engage with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) on refurbishing their iconic Whim Creek Hotel, which will provide benefits to the greater Pilbara community. To date, Anax has assisted in securing grant funding for the restoration of the hotel, which was damaged by Cyclone Veronica in 2019. The hotel historically supported an adjacent mine camp, the refurbishment of which could generate a steady income stream for the Ngarluma Group and underpin planned tourism and hospitality revenue streams from the hotel.


Other Stakeholders

Anax engages with pastoral owners and managers on a range of issues.

Anax has established long-standing relationships with government agencies and staff who have an interest in the ongoing environmental and social impacts of projects in the regions where we operate.

Our mining operations and work with the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) to refurbish the Whim Creek Hotel will provide benefits to the greater Pilbara community.

All of these relationships are key to the company’s success and will help shape the transition to operations and eventually mine closure.