Whim Creek Project

Project Highlights

  • Defined JORC 2012 Resources of +10 Million tonnes of which 3.8 million tonnes have been scheduled for Production at an average grade of 1.33% Cu and 2.7% Zn
  • Feasibility test work has confirmed the Whim Creek ore is well suited to the application of sorting technology.
  • Significant near-mine exploration potential, building on recent and historical exploration.
  • Well maintained site with viable existing infrastructure.
  • Proximity to ports and potential toll treatment plants.

Anax has signed a binding royalty agreement with Anglo American whereby Anglo American receives a 1% Net Smelter Return for Anax’s copper and zinc production at Whim Creek. Anglo American have paid Anax USD2M towards capital expenditure, as well as providing a project funding package of up to USD20M.

Anax’s 80/20 joint venture agreement with Develop Global Limited enables Anax to develop the Whim Creek Project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Anax is conducting a feasibility study at Whim Creek, including smart sorting testwork, to enable the project development.


The Whim Creek Copper-Zinc Project is located approximately 120km south-west of Port Hedland in the Central Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The map illustrates the location of the project in relation to neighbouring tenure and local infrastructure, including Port Hedland, Karratha and the Great Northern Highway.


Whim Creek Project Location Map


Regional GSWA Geology and tenure at Whim Creek Project


Within the Project are four main prospects, namely Whim Creek, Mons Cupri, Salt Creek and Evelyn, where structurally controlled, volcanic hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) style, copper-zinc-lead mineralisation has been targeted and/or resources defined. Salt Creek, Whim Creek and Mons Cupri occur within volcanicastics and sediments of the Bookingarra Group, part of the Archean Whim Creek Basin. The Evelyn deposit, 25km to the south, occupies the contact between sandstones and ultramafics of the De Grey Group in the Croydon Anticline structure of the Mallina Basin, considered to be laterally equivalent to the Whim Creek Greenstones.

The Archean granite-greenstones of the Whim Creek tenure are highly prospective for gold mineralisation. Deep seated, mineralising structures bound the tenure to the north-east and south-west providing ~40km of prospective strike along which numerous gold targets have already been identified for exploration


Anax has defined JORC-2012 Resources for the high-grade Evelyn deposit in January 2022, to complement the existing resources of the Whim Creek Project.

Anax upgraded the Whim Creek Resource to meet JORC 2012 standards in May 2021, defining Copper Resources of 2.4Mt and Zinc Resources of 0.2Mt. Develop Global Limited defined JORC 2012 compliant Mineral Resource Estimates for Mons Cupri and Salt Creek, updated in 2018. The Mons Cupri Mineral Resource makes up the majority of the defined JORC 2012 Mineral Resources with 4.52Mt at 0.99% cu and 4.3% Zn and will become the focus of Anax’s development proposal. Salt Creek Resource contains 1.3Mt @ 1.3% Cu and 1.5% Zn which completes the Project’s Mineral Resource inventory.

Mons Cupri Pit N

Whim Creek Combined Global JORC 2012 Resource now exceeds 10M tonnes

Note: Appropriate rounding applied

Mons Cupri JORC 2012 Resource Estimate

Salt Creek JORC 2012 Resource Estimate

Whim Creek JORC 2012 Resource Estimate

(See Anax Announcement of 25 May 2021)

Evelyn JORC 2012 Resource Estimate

(See Anax Announcement of 17 January 2022)

Additional Information

Remnants of historical mining near Whim Creek Pit

The discovery of gold and copper in the Whim Creek area in the early 1880s led to a period of underground, artisanal mining until 1912, during which high grade copper-gold ore shoots were targeted.

Systematic exploration by various companies in the 1960s, including Texasgulf, defined the known VHMS deposits of the Whim Creek Greenstone Belt, namely Whim Creek, Mons Cupri and Salt Creek.

Straits Resources acquired the Project in 1996 and commenced mining in 2005. Oxide copper ore mined from the Whim Creek and Mons Cupri open pits was crushed and placed on a purpose-built heap leach facility located 3km north east of the Mons Cupri pit. Approximately 67,000t of copper cathode was produced through an SX-EW treatment facility until 2009.

Venturex acquired the Whim Creek Project from Straits Resources in 2010, intending to use Whim Creek as a central processing hub for their existing Evelyn and Sulphur Springs deposits. The 2012 Sulphur Springs Feasibility Study, 2012, proposed locating the central processing plant at Sulphur Springs and transporting ore from the satellite deposits such as Mons Cupri and Salt Creek. This became Venturex’s preferred development proposal. However, Venturex has continued to develop the Whim Creek project, defining JORC 2012 compliant resources at Mons Cupri and Salt Creek, updated in 2018.

In March 2014, Venturex entered into an agreement with a private company, Blackrock Metals Pty Ltd (“Blackrock”), for the reprocessing of existing heap leach pads to recover copper metal through a small, refurbished, 5,000 tonne per annum, SX-EW treatment facility which operated until October 2019.

The Whim Creek Project tenure consists of seven mining leases, two exploration licences and one miscellaneous licence encompassing an area of approximately 175km2 of fertile volcanic and sedimentary units of the Whim Creek Greenstone Belt and geologically contemporaneous Mallina Formation.

An Environmental Protection Notice (EPN) is current for the Whim Creek Project where groundwater contamination has been noted in regular bore monitoring around the heap leach facility infrastructure. Venturex and site operators, Blackrock, have suspended copper production, in line with EPN requirements, in order to enable investigation and management of the contamination. The clay lined environmental pond, refurbished in 2012, is the suspected source of contamination and plans are in place to clean, test and repair the pond.

Anax is working with Venturex and Blackrock to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations to mitigate damage to the environment and prevent further contamination.

Anax’s development plans in the near term are not dependent on the licencing or operation of the heap leach facility or the EPN and would be separately permitted. To this end, Anax intends to carry out a pre-feasibility programme that will include:

  • Drilling of 3 to 5 diamond holes for geotechnical analysis and to obtain metallurgical samples from Mons Cupri and Salt Creek;
  • Ore sorting, flotation and heap leach recovery test work;
  • Geotechnical studies;
  • Pit optimisation and underground development;
  • Site Design;
  • Environmental studies, including materials characterisation, hydrogeological investigations, surface water investigations, etc

The semi-arid climate of the west Pilbara has extremely variable annual rainfall of between 250 and 400mm, largely dependent on the formation of seasonal tropical cyclones offshore between December and April. Summer maximum temperatures reach 40˚ to 45˚, while mild winter temperatures average 25˚ by day, and 12˚ at night.

The vegetation of the West Pilbara is closely related to topography, soil type and proximity to the coast. In the Whim Creek area, broad floodplains are dominated by short grass savanna mixed with spinifex and dotted with dwarf acacia shrubs. Ephemeral streams are lined with eucalypts and the rocky hill slopes are sparsely vegetated.

Granite domes and greenstone ridges trend northeast, separated by broad floodplains